Apply for GoSTEM – Pathways to College

Follow these steps to ensure your application gets processed correctly:

Step 1: Fill out the GoSTEM – Pathways to College application.
Note: Please refer to our Frequent Asked Questions prior to filling out the application.

Step 2: Determine your federal work-study eligibility.

Work-study is a type of funding that comes from financial aid.  Many students are eligible for work-study awards and are not even aware of it!  Work-study students are hired just like any other student employee and submit timesheets and are paid bi-weekly for the hours they work.

Only Georgia Tech students are eligible for work-study positions.  To determine your work-study eligibility, please contact Brandon Bray in Financial Aid.  (Be sure to include your GT ID Number on all Correspondence.)  Tell him that you are applying for a position with CEISMC and he will help determine your work-study eligibility.  You may contact Brandon Bray in Financial Aid at: or 404-894-1962.

  • If you have a work-study award, you will need to print out your Financial Aid Award letter from OSCAR, mark the appropriate box, and submit it with your application.
  • If you are on the work-study waiting list, please note that on your application. If you have questions about the waiting list, please speak with Brandon Bray.
  • If you do not have a work-study award, mark the appropriate box and submit your application.  Please be absolutely sure you have verified your work-study status!  We do have positions open for non work-study students, if you are not eligible.

Step 3: Complete the GoSTEM  - Pathways to College application in its entirety.

Step 4: Submit your application.

You can submit it online or if you have issues with submitting it online, please send it to us by email to

After you submit your application, we may contact you for interviews.  Due to the volume of applications we receive, it may not be possible for us to contact regarding your application if we not invite you to the interview stage.

Please note:  If you are offered a position, a background investigation will be performed.  This is required by Georgia Tech and due to the nature of this position (i.e. working with children in a school setting).  We reserve the right to refuse employment to any applicant who does not pass this background check or meet satisfactory academic standards.

If you have any questions about the applications or background check, please e-mail us at