GoSTEM-Pathways to College

GoSTEM Pathways

Our program provides academic mentoring for middle and high school students in the Meadowcreek High School cluster.  The High School GoSTEM – Pathways to College Program engages over 90 students 9th through 12th grade at Meadowcreek High School.  Undergraduate student mentors meet with high school students during a weekly afterschool program to provide academic mentoring and tutoring, expose them to STEM careers, and offer information for college preparation. 

Mentors also serve as facilitators for a weekly afterschool program for approximately 100 middle school students at Radloff and Lilburn Middle Schools.  This afterschool program provides exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers through hands-on-activities, demonstrations, and guest speakers.

All program participants at the high school and middle schools will also participate in Saturday and weekday activities including professional workshops, college tours, and community service projects.  These sessions focus on increasing awareness about careers in the STEM fields, preparing students for their postsecondary choices, and providing opportunities for service and leadership.

Pathways to College is a part of the GoSTEM Program.  GoSTEM is a collaboration between Georgia Tech and the Gwinnett County Public School District to enhance the educational experience of Latino students in Georgia and strengthen the pipeline of these students into post-secondary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.  For more information about GoSTEM please visit our website at http://gostem.gatech.edu